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Trees are life giving, long lasting, symbols of strength and tranquility. Dedicating a tree in honor of a loved one or planting a tree to commemorate a special occasion is a unique way to memorialize the person or life event. You can give that timeless gift with Treemories. Treemories allows you to purchase a tree of your choosing and have it planted, either to honor a special occasion or to pay tribute to a friend, family member or pet. Using expert Treemories authorized local landscapers and nurseries, we will plant your Treemories Tree in any location suitable for the tree type you choose. Included with every tree is an attractive, engraved memory stone that you can place at the foot of the tree or even display it indoors.

An Idea Is Planted

Treemories began in a very personal way. Treemories founder Jamie Dietz would plant something in his mother’s honor every Mother’s Day, and when he discovered how much it meant to her, he realized he could bring that same meaningful joy to people across the globe. He joined forces with his business partner, tech whiz Benjamin Johnstone, and brought the intriguing Treemories concept to fruition.

The Possibilities

A tree from Treemories is ideal for birthdays, anniversaries, weddings (you could even add a Treemories Tree to your registry), Veterans’ Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Christmas and many other occasions, such as a housewarming. You can also give Treemories gift certificates so the recipient can plant a tree of his or her choosing.

Ordering a Treemories Tree is Simple

First, click your preferred planting location on our Growing Zone Map. Choose a tree from the list of trees that thrive in your chosen locale’s climate. Please call if you don’t see a specific tree that you are interested in. In most cases we can make arrangements for trees that are not currently on our website. You’re also welcome to contact us via email or social media.

Next, enter specifications for the engraved memory stone, such as type, size, message and graphics — custom images and text are also available. Place your order online and within 48 hours, a Treemories staff member will follow up with you by telephone to confirm your order and review your delivery information.

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